Online Lessons for Contortion, Flexibility and Handstands 

Hello, My name is Kasha Konaka and I am a circus artist and coach! 

I teach Contortion, Handbalance and Flexibility, open to all levels and ages. 

My method is to teach strength along with flexibility, focusing on active flexibility exercises with a focus on form to prevent injury and increase results. For hand balance I teach both straight and contortion handstands focusing on building strength using proper form and technique. 

Lessons will be taught via Skype. 

Rates: $50USD /per hour 

5 class bundle for $225USD ($45 per lesson) 

Payments by Paypal. 

What you will need: Space to move, a wall, a yoga mat or a surface you can stretch on. 

Book a lesson today! 

Send me a message either in the box below or email me at with the following information. I also can be reached via DM on my instagram @kasha_konaka . 

1. Your availability for the lesson. 

2. Your goals are, so I can better cater to you. 

3. Not required but free to send in a picture or link to a video of your current level so I know what level to cater to ahead of time. For example: Your bridge or your splits or your handstand hold. 

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon! 

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